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Department of Aerospace Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Undergraduate, Graduate ,
(Master's, Doctorate)
Aerospace Engineering
Our department deals with aerospace engineering which is the branch of engineering behind the design, construction, maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft and spacecraft. This department synthesizes the whole basic fields for aerospace engineering education such as control, material and structural, propulsion, and fluid mechanics. The students begin with the fundamental courses in multidisciplinary engineering and science fields and then deepen aerospace engineering knowledge through major course works. Therefore, in addition to aerospace engineering itself, our department graduates will acquire lots of excellent transferable technology and skill in the other engineering industries. For the graduate school, this department has 9 multidisciplinary laboratories in which the graduate students are carrying out many advanced researches. The final goal of this department is to develop human resources who can play an important role in Korean aerospace industry and defense development.
What do I study
The undergraduate students begin with the mathematics and physics, fundamental mechanics and measurement technology. After that, the undergraduate students study about aerospace vehicle design, system control, mechatronics, composites, propulsion, combustion, aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, structural analysis and health monitoring. Graduate students study aerodynamics for flight, computer fluid flow analysis, jet propulsion, design of flight body, and the development of new material. Moreover, flight dynamics and control, design and control of spacecrafts, and topics for space machines and robots are also included in the curriculum.
What can I do afterwards
The graduates may work in research institutes such as Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Agency for Defense Development, in aerospace companies such as Korean Air, Korea Aerospace Industries, DACC and in other heavy, energy and IT companies based on the acquired excellent transferable engineering knowledge.
If you need more informations, please contact us E-mail : aerospace@jbnu.ac.kr
year semester subject
2rd 1st Engineering Mechanics 3-3-0
Engineering Numerical Methods 3-3-0
Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Basic Design 3-3-0
Electrical Engineering and Lab 3-2-2
Introduction to Creative Engineering Design 3-3-0
2st Fluid Mechanics 3-3-0
Thermodynamics 3-3-0
Solid Mechanics 3-3-0
Dynamics 3-3-0
Digital Engineering and Lab 3-2-2
3rd 1st Aerodynamics 3-3-0
Flight Dynamics 3-3-0
Aerospace Structural Mechanics 3-3-0
Heat Transfer 3-3-0
Control system Design 3-2-2
Mechanical Measurement and Lab 3-2-2
Computer Aided Design and Practice 3-2-2
Systems Engineering and Design for Aircraft 3-3-0
2st Capstone Design 1 3-1-4
Aircraft Propulsion System 3-3-0
Compressible Fluid Flow 3-3-0
Aerodynamic Experiment 3-2-2
Combustion Engineering and Lab 3-2-2
Aircraft Materials and Structural Design 3-3-0
Mechatronics 3-3-0
Aircraft Conceptual Design 3-3-0
4rd 1st Field Practice 1-0-0
Noise Engineering and Design 3-3-0
Viscous Flow 3-3-0
Gas Turbine Engine Conceptual Design 3-2-2
Applied Thermal Engineering 3-3-0
Aircraft vibrational Design 3-3-0
Orbital Mechanics 3-3-0
Computation for Aerospace Structures 3-3-0
Capstone Design 2 3-1-4
Aerodynamic Design for Rotary Wing 3-3-0
Space Propulsion and Design 3-2-2
Aircraft Nondestructive Testing 3-2-2
Design and Application of Composite Materials 3-3-0
Guidance and Control of Flight Vehicles 3-3-0
Introduction to Manufacturing and Information System Engineering 3-3-0
Aerospace Project 3-2-2
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